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Old Faithful

Old_Faithful-2While unpredictability may account for the lure of gambling, reliability is an essential part of our everyday lives. Yellowstone National Park, which sits above the Yellowstone Caldera, contains half of the world’s geothermal features. Among the most famous is Old Faithful, a huge geyser that erupts at regular intervals. One reason tourists flock from all over the world to this park is that they know with certainty they will witness one of its fantastical eruptions.

At a more mundane level, we want our lights to turn on when we flick the switch, our clocks to keep an accurate time, our cars to start when we turn the key. More and more, these devices and many more are incorporating electronics to provide increased accuracy and new/expanded functionality. If those electronics are not reliable, the results range from annoying to catastrophic.

Ensuring reliability has always been one key goal in integrated circuit design, and that hasn’t changed. However, increasing design complexity, decreasing design margins, the use of new materials, and the introduction of more demanding environments are some of the factors that make reliability verification more challenging than ever before. If reliability verification is a high priority in your company, you might want to check out what our engineers have to say about reliability, and explore some of the design and verification solutions that are now available.

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Circuit reliability: Old problem? New problem? Or both?
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Robust Reliability Verification: Beyond Traditional Tools

Electronic Engineering Journal
Ensuring Design Reliability with Design Patterns

Mentor Graphics white paper
Improve Reliability with Accurate Voltage-Aware DRC

Truth is, while we might all like to have a flutter occasionally, we want a sure bet when it comes to the performance and safety of the technologies with which we surround ourselves in today’s high-tech world.

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