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Vector? Vectorless? What’s a power grid to do?

The terms vector and vectorless modes are commonly used in the context of dynamic power grid (PG) analysis, but what do these terms mean? The PG dynamic simulator uses a design’s activity suite to compute the voltages and currents in the PG network. In vector mode, typically referred as a value change dump (VCD), logic simulation is used to generate the complete activity suite. In vectorless mode, the PG analysis tool generates this activity suite. The PG dynamic simulator can’t differentiate between an activity suite generated from either mode, but the quality of the dynamic PG analysis is driven by the quality of the activity suite. So, which one should a designer use? Marko Chew explains the details of both approaches in Stimuli-Driven Power Grid Analysis on SemiconductorEngineering.

Still craving more of the gritty details? Dr. Farid Najm of the University of Toronto worked with Mentor Graphics to create a white paper—Vectorless Verification of IC Power Delivery Networks— explaining just exactly how a practical application of vectorless verification can provide early, accurate, and fast power grid analysis, even with limited circuit data. Download your copy today!

IC Design, IC Verification, dynamic power grid analysis, vcd, vectorless verification, power grid analysis, value change dump

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Dear Shelly Stalnaker, I have liked this interesting blog. I'm working on graphic sector, so 'Vector' word is familiar with me and I know the importance of this Vector.. Really I'm so happy to get a blog, which is so familiar to me...Simply loved it...Thank you so much..

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6:12 AM Mar 12, 2014

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