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Won't You Please, Please Help Me?

HELP-3No, that’s not really a cry for help, at least not from me. But I can imagine a lot of designers saying just that as they try to understand and implement multi-patterning requirements. LELE? LELELE? LELELELE? SADP? SADP SIT? Whhaaaatttt???!!!

And help we have. In spades. Our resident multi-patterning expert, David Abercrombie, not only writes extensively about multi-patterning issues, but he is a frequently sought-after guest for interviews, roundtables, and panels. But rather than making you search hither and yon for David’s insights and guidance, we’ve gathered it up for you in one convenient location.

Multi-Patterning Unmasked is your quick guide to a wide variety of multi-patterning topics. Need to start with the basics? We’ve got you covered! Struggling with debugging pesky MP errors that seem to multiply by the minute? David explains why that can happen, and how you can avoid it. Going cross-eyed trying to understand self-aligned double patterning? Multiple diagrams with detailed explanations clarify just how the process works.

Not only do you get quick access to all of David’s articles, but we also provide links to white papers, videos, and training classes. And we’ll keep updating the list as more information becomes available.

If you haven’t already, check it out! And keep it bookmarked for future updates…amaze and astonish your friends and colleagues with your insider knowledge and familiarity with the latest MP tips and tricks!

Of course, if you really want to help me, you can let me know what other IC design and manufacturing topics you’d like more information and guidance for. You can comment here, or send me a private email.

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Shelly StalnakerI believe in the well-written sentence, the eye-catching title, and the satisfaction of hearing someone say, “Now I get it.” I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing the use of the passive tense in technical writing. I believe a writer can explain and entertain at the same time, and I believe that everyone, even in the business world, has a story to tell. Visit Foundry Solutions

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