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Posts tagged with 'Physical Verification'

19 Jun, 2009

DFM for Non-PhD's: Part 2 - Reliability

Posted by David Abercrombie

David Abercrombie One of the fundamental questions everyone asks about DFM is “why should I do it?” On the one hand this always strikes me as a funny question. I always look at DFM in the same way I think of automobile safety. Statistically, most people never get in a serious accident. So why would you spend so much money on airbags, antilock brakes, better seat belts, side door reinforcements, traction control, etc. … Read More

Design Quality, Design for Manufacturing, IC Verification, Reliability, Physical Verification, IC Design

1 Jun, 2009

John Ferguson I admit it.  I’m one of those rare adults who is actually willing to admit that he (or she) is a true fan of professional wrestling; have been since I was a kid in the early 70’s.  Over the entire course of those years, probably the greatest athlete in professional wrestling has been the recently retired  “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.  A multi-time world champ, one of Ric’s most prominent quotes has been … Read More

DRC, LVS, Physical Verification, Ric Flair

19 May, 2009

How do you define DFM?

Posted by David Abercrombie

David Abercrombie What does design for manfuacturing (DFM) mean to you? “More work to do!” “Someone else’s problem!” “Just more design constraints!” “The fab guys are expecting me to understand the process as well as design!” I propose that we define DFM (design for mfg) as an attempt to trasfer a way of doing business that has been tried and tested in the manufacturing space for years, into the design space. The fabs … Read More

Design Quality, Design for Manufacturing, Physical Verification

15 May, 2009

Are Design Rules Broken?

Posted by David Abercrombie

David Abercrombie

It is no mystery that the number of design rules has exploded over the past few technology nodes. It’s impossible for any human designer to “remember” them all, much less follow them all. It’s also a problem for the CAD engineer. We extracted some data from a spectrum of DRC decks that our customers have in production and the graph below shows the results. DRC Rule Count and Complexity by Technology

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Physical Verification, Design Rules, DRC, Design Rule Checking


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