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Calibre® Calibre® Integration to Agilent ToolsAgilent

Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS) is a complete design environment that runs on both the PC and Linux. ADS provides the standard interface to Calibre Interactive and Calibre RVE for Calibre nmLVS . Calibre nmDRC can be run in batch mode through the “DRC” menu item. DRC results are imported directly back into ADS, and displayed using the ADS DRC Results viewer.


Running Calibre nmLVS from ADS

Running Calibre nmDRC from ADS


Calibre nmDRC™, the industry-leading for design rule checking provides fast cycle times and innovative design rule capabilities. Calibre nmDRC

Calibre nmLVS™, the industry-leading physical verification tool for layout vs. schematic comparison combines accurate circuit verification with fast runtimes and interactive debugging. Calibre nmLVS

Calibre RVE™ provides a graphical results viewing environment that can be used with all Calibre tools and popular design layout tools to reduce debug time by visually identifying design errors instantly... Calibre RVE

The Calibre Interactive™ invocation GUI provides users with fast and easy access to the Calibre® tool suite, enabling designers to perform physical verification and parasitic extraction from within their... Calibre Interactive

Calibre® YieldEnhancer offers an automated approach to layout enhancements that will improve yield. It addresses the issue of area with a core philosophy to take advantage of any white space. This method... Calibre YieldEnhancer

Calibre® PERC is specifically designed to perform electrostatic discharge (ESD) and multiple power domain checks. Calibre PERC allows you to customize ERC checks at the... Calibre PERC

Calibre xRC™ offers a robust parasitic extraction tool that delivers accurate parasitic data for comprehensive and accurate post-layout analysis and simulation.  Calibre xRC

Calibre® xACT 3D delivers high performance parasitic RC extraction featuring the reference-level accuracy of a deterministic field solver combined with the production turnaround performance of traditional... Calibre xACT 3D

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