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Calibre Integration to Cadence Tools

Mentor Graphics implements and supports all of the interfaces between Cadence® physical design products and Calibre®. These interfaces are documented in the Calibre Interactive™ and Calibre RVE™ manual and support is provided through

Cadence Virtuoso® to Calibre Interactive and Calibre Results Viewing Environment

The Calibre integration in Cadence Virtuoso needs to be installed from the Calibre installation tree. The instructions to install the interface are in the Calibre Interactive User’s Manual, or in


in the Calibre installation tree. Once installed, this interface provides access to the full power of Calibre in the Cadence Virtuoso environment. The standard Calibre menu can be customized to run customer-specific flows and runsets across multiple platforms using the customized menu feature of Calibre Interactive. (reference “Custom Menu Items in Design Tools” in the Calibre Interactive and Calibre RVE manual).

Cadence EDI® to Calibre Interactive and Calibre Results Viewing Environment

Mentor Graphics builds and maintains the standard interfaces from Cadence EDI to Calibre. The procedure for installing this interface is contained in the “Cadence Encounter” section of Appendix A: Interfacing with Layout and Schematic Viewers of the Calibre Interactive and RVE User’s Manual (link). Once the Calibre interface is installed, Calibre sign-off can be run at any stage of P&R to avoid late-stage surprises and minimize overall design time.

Calibre to OpenAccess and LEF/DEF

Calibre can read and write to both OpenAccess and LEF/DEF. Both of these database formats can be used as input to Calibre, either in batch mode or through Calibre Interactive. Reading the design database directly enables the user to run Calibre without first opening a design tool to do the stream-out, thereby saving time and licenses. These interfaces are documented in both the Calibre Verification User’s Manual and the Calibre Interactive and RVE User’s manual.

Cadence QRC to Calibre LVS

Cadence’s QRC extraction tool can be used with Calibre LVS using the Calibre Connectivity Interface (CCI). Cadence builds and supports this interface.

How to with Calibre

Integration Examples

Calibre DRC Interactive - Cadence Virtuoso

Calibre RVE for DRC - Cadence Virtuoso

Calibre RVE for LVS - Cadence Virtuoso

Calibre Interactive with Cadence EDI

Calibre RVE for DRC with Cadence EDI

Calibre RVE for LVS with Cadence EDI


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