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HelicVeloceRF to Calibre Standard Invocation and Results Viewing Interface

VeloceRF™ supports the standard interfaces to Calibre® Interactive™ and Calibre RVE™. The Calibre interface is on by default, so no additional set-up is required. Both polygon and schematic highlighting are supported.

This interface is supported by Helic® and is documented in the VeloceRF User Manual and Application Note “Netlist-based VeloceRF-Calibre Flow “ from Helic. For support, please contact


Calling Calibre Interactive for LVS or PEX run


Calibre Interactive

The Calibre Interactiveā„¢ invocation GUI provides users with fast and easy access to the CalibreĀ® tool suite, enabling designers to perform physical verification and parasitic extraction from within their... View Product Overview

Calibre RVE

Calibre RVE™ provides a graphical results viewing environment that can be used with all Calibre tools and popular design layout tools to reduce debug time by visually identifying design errors instantly... View Product Overview

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