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Lorentz Solution

Loretnz SolutionPeakView HFD™ to Calibre® nmLVS™ and Extraction Database

Lorentz Solutions’ PeakView HFD supports the standard interface to Calibre Interactive™. The Calibre interface is on by default and there is no additional setup required. Both polygon and schematic highlighting is supported.

The PeakView HFD flow is used to selectively back-annotate electromagnetic information from critical high-speed interconnect for circuit simulation. This allows for much more accurate circuit characterization. The PeakView HFD flow with Calibre automates the entire process.

After running Calibre nmLVS and layout parasitic extraction as usual, designers use PeakView HFD to identify their critical nets for electromagnetic analysis. The results of this analysis are merged by the Calibre integration into a new simulation view, ready for the simulator. No manual reconnection of nets is required. Problems like double counting are avoided.

This interface is supported by Lorentz Solutions and is documented in the PeakView User's Manual. For support, send email to


Simulation set-up in PeakView

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