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Mentor Graphics
Calibre Integration to Mentor Tools

Mentor Pyxis Custom Design to Calibre® Standard Interfaces

Mentor Graphics’ Pyxis Custom IC Design Platform provides complete access to the power of Calibre. Pyxis provides

Calibre RealTime in Mentor Pyxis

Calibre RealTime in Mentor Pyxis

Calibre RealTime for interactive sign-off during layout implementation, and the standard stream-based Calibre interfaces for final sign-off.

Calibre standard interfaces

Pyxis provides access to the full power of Calibre through the Calibre menu. This menu is installed and active by default, and the Interface is documented in the Calibre Interactive and Calibre RVE manual.

Calibre RealTime

Pyxis also provides full sign-off physical verification through Calibre RealTime during layout creation and editing. Users can enable the Calibre RealTime toolbar through the menu, as documented in the Calibre RealTime manual.

Calibre DESIGNrev to Calibre RealTime

The Calibre DESIGNrev layout viewer and editor provides interfaces to batch Calibre (through the standard interfaces) and Calibre RealTime (for interactive sign-off checking during layout editing). Both integrations are active by default, and documented in the Calibre reference manuals. Combining the speed and capacity of Calibre DESIGNrev with Calibre signoff engines makes Calibre DESIGNrev the tool of choice for final verification and chip assembly.

Mentor Olympus-SoC P&R Platform with Calibre InRoute

Mentor Graphics’ Olympus-SoC P&R platform enables signoff manufacturing closure during physical design with tight integration to Calibre InRoute. Calibre InRoute enables native invocation of all Calibre engines during place and route to minimize ECO iterations. Calibre InRoute is easy to adopt into existing flows, with no new languages, formats, or interfaces to learn.

How To with Calibre


Pyxis Schematic

Pyxis Schematic, provides a powerful and easy-to-use design entry environment with advanced capabilities that boost designer productivity. View Product Overview

Pyxis Layout

Pyxis Layout, part of Mentor's new Pyxis Custom IC Design Platform, provides a fast and flexible environment for layout entry and editing. View Product Overview

Pyxis Implement

Pyxis Implement, part of Mentor's Pyxis Custom IC Design Platform, provides a highly productive environment for correct-by-construction layout entry and editing. View Product Overview


The Olympus-SoC™ physical implementation platform meets the challenges of manufacturability and low-power for IC designs at advanced nodes. Olympus-SoC delivers high quality layouts, fast turnaround,... View Product Overview

Calibre InRoute

 The Calibre InRoute design and verification platform includes all Olympus-SoC capabilities, plus true Calibre DRC and DFM signoff within the place and route environment. View Product Overview

Calibre DESIGNrev

The Calibre DESIGNrev layout viewer speeds full-chip design completions and tape-outs by rapidly loading, displaying and saving large GDSII and OASIS® files. View Product Overview

Calibre RealTime

Calibre RealTime delivers Calibre signoff DRC inside custom and analog/mixed-signal design flows. Calibre RealTime improves both design speed and the quality of results by providing immediate feedback on... View Product Overview

Calibre Interactive

The Calibre Interactive™ invocation GUI provides users with fast and easy access to the Calibre® tool suite, enabling designers to perform physical verification and parasitic extraction from within their... View Product Overview

Calibre RVE

Calibre RVE™ provides a graphical results viewing environment that can be used with all Calibre tools and popular design layout tools to reduce debug time by visually identifying design errors instantly... View Product Overview

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