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Calibre xACT: Parasitic Extraction solution for 20nm, 16nm and 3D-IC



Interconnect modeling continues to be a challenge as manufacturing processes evolve and integrated circuit requirements become more complex. With 20nm processes, double-patterning is introduced that will lead to multi-patterning in the future. This will have a significant impact on parasitic extraction flows, driving the need for "colored" and "uncolored" extraction. At 16nm and below, FinFETs will be available and offer designers better solutions for power consumption. The introduction of FinFETs will require new, accurate device and interconnect models to reliably predict circuit performance. Lastly, many deisgners are also considering a move to 2.5D or 3D IC design which will also incur new techniques, requirements and concerns for parasitic extraction.

Calibre xACT is a platform for parasitic extraction that has been architected to address the new modeling requirements while also providing next generation algorithms for dramatic turn-around time (TAT) improvements versus existing solutions.

Lunch will be served.

What You Will Learn

  • Parasitic requirements for 20nm and 16nm including issues surrounding double-patterning and FinFET technologies
  • The challenges for characterizing Through-Silicon Via's (TSV's), Interposers and System level extraction for 3D-IC
  • How Calibre xACT provides a comprehensive solution for these emerging challenges

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Carey Robertson

Director of Product Marketing, LVS and Extraction

Carey Robertson is a Director of Product Marketing at Mentor Graphics Corp., overseeing the marketing activities for LVS and extraction products. He has been with Mentor Graphics for eleven years in various product and technical marketing roles. Prior to Mentor Graphics, Carey was a design engineer at Digital Equipment Corp., working on microprocessor design. Carey holds a BS from Stanford University and an MS from UC Berkeley.

Who Should Attend

  • IC designers, CAD engineers and managers and anyone making tool decisions for advanced nodes

Products Covered

  • Calibre xACT SoC
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