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Improving Circuit Reliability with Calibre PERC


This presentation will focus on how you can leverage the award winning technology in Calibre PERC (Electronic Products Magazine, 2009 product of the year) to improve your circuit reliability and perform verification tasks that were often considered too difficult when using more traditional tools and solutions.

Circuit verification has evolved from the simple DRC and LVS checks we used to have, into more elaborate schemes that require complex verification. Just as we have migrated many verification tasks to include DFM considerations, Calibre PERC can help with the verification process at both the topological circuit level and with the physical implementation.

What You Will Learn

  • The solution spaces that Calibre PERC can help you with
  • How to efficiently and effectively perform topological circuit verification
  • Creating physical verification solutions that incorporate point to point resistance and current density simulations

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Matthew Hogan

Matthew Hogan is a Product Marketing Manager for Calibre Design Solutions at Mentor Graphics, with over 15 years of design and field experience. He is an IEEE Senior member and ACM member and holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and an MBA from Marylhurst University. He is actively working with customers who have an interest in Calibre PERC. He can be reached at

Products Covered


Electronic Products Magazine, 2009 product of the yearTwo areas where PERC shines are finding electrostatic discharge layout problems and checking multiple power domains — top current issues in verification. These advanced requirements can only be described by a topological view rather than single device/pin to net relation. A topological view incorporates many layout-related parameters as well as circuitry-dependant checks. Read the full article

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