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Calibre DFM: DFM is Mandatory and Enables a Competitive Advantage



Many foundries have made DFM mandatory this year. Please come and see the Calibre DFM platform status in terms of kit and feature availability at different foundries. This presentation will go over concrete examples of customer successes and explain how DFM can be used as a competitive advantage. Calibre DFM is a complete offering for stand-alone signoff solutions and for solutions integrated to all design flows, such as custom analog and P&R. You will see how Calibre DFM signoff can be used within the place and route cockpit to provide very fast turnaround closure time.

What You Will Learn

  • Information about the DFM products based on the Calibre platform and their support level at the leading foundries

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Jeff Wilson

DFM Product Marketing Manager, Calibre

Jeff is responsible for the development of products that address the challenges of Fill and DFM Scoring. He previously worked at Motorola and SCS. Jeff received a BS in Design Engineering from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the University of Oregon.

Who Should View

  • Engineers and managers looking to use DFM to reduce variability and increase design robustness
  • Design engineers that need to stay current with the DFM requirements from the foundry
  • Physical verification engineers who will be preparing the designs for the foundry

Products Covered

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