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Using Calibre PERC: Illustrated



This online demo shows how Calibre PERC can address reliability challenges that arise during the circuit and electrical verification process.

Calibre PERC is specifically designed to perform electrostatic discharge (ESD) and multiple power domain checks. It can be used to perform Advanced ERC checks and design guidelines checks. Calibre PERC allows you to customize checks at the schematic level and layout level. 


What You Will Learn

  • How Calibre PERC can be used with multiple power domain and advanced ERC checks
  •  How Calibre PERC can be used with ESD checks
  • How Calibre PERC can be used with design guidelines checks
  • How to detect violations on both schematic and layout levels
  • How to visualize results in Calibre RVE and highlight violations on schematic or layout

Tools Demonstrated

  • Calibre PERC to handle emerging circuit verification demands
  • Calibre RVE to visualize results

Who Should View

  • ESD Engineers / Managers
  • CAD Engineers / Managers
  • Design Engineers / Managers
  • Project Managers

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