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Fast, Accurate RF Simulation with Eldo RF



This online presentation/demo shows how Eldo RF enables full-chip RF IC simulation for wireless applications, while being able to seamlessly integrate with multiple design environments. We cover how the Eldo RF harmonic balance algorithm offers maximum efficiency, based on a Jacobian system solved by preconditioned iterative techniques to dramatically reduce memory and CPU usage. Watch the demo to see how Eldo RF provides the speed and capacity to simulate very large circuits (10,000 is a routine task), and how 64-bit compilation has broken the 2GB barrier.

What You Will Learn

Topics covered will include:

  • Analysis of VCOs and high-Q quartz oscillators
  • How multi-threading can dramatically improve performance at no extra cost
  • Why frequency based (Harmonic Balance) techniques offer higher accuracy
  • How Eldo RF enables steady-state analysis, modulated steady-steady state, non-linear noise, and steady-state for oscillators

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