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Digital IC Design

Innovative technologies for fast and high-quality design closure at advanced process nodes.

Mentor Graphics’ IC implementation solutions, Olympus-SoC™ and Calibre® InRoute, and RealTime Designer™ deliver innovative technologies to solve the power, performance, capacity, time-to-market, and variability challenges encountered at the leading-edge process nodes.


The Olympus-SoC netlist-to-GDSII system performs variation- and power-aware rapid feasibility, including placement, advanced clock tree synthesis, and optimization for all mode/corner scenarios concurrently. Learn more about Olympus-SoC

The Calibre InRoute design and verification platform includes all Olympus-SoC capabilities, plus true Calibre DRC and DFM signoff within the place and route environment. Learn more about Calibre InRoute

The RealTime Designer physical RTL synthesis solution offers fast runtime and high quality of results for full-chip, physically-aware synthesis with accurate early floorplanning, design exploration, and what-if analysis. Learn more about RealTime Designer


  • Comprehensive multi patterning and FinFET aware place and route system for advanced technology nodes
  • Optimal performance, power and area with true and concurrent optimization throughout the flow
  • Flexible architecture to support complex mulit-VDD design styles including MTCMOS and DVFS
  • Compact and scalable database provides highest capacity in the industry to effectively handle growing design sizes
  • Minimizes design planning iterations with data flow graph driven Automatic Macro Placement
  • Speed time-to-market with fewer design iterations and a suite of scalable parallelization technologies
  • Best area and highest utilization with proprietary area recovery technologies throughout the flow
  • Highest performance with patented multi-corner, multi-mode (MCMM) analysis and optimization architecture
  • Integrated Calibre signoff to achieve manufacturing closure during physical design implementation
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