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Atmel Refines Complex Analog Touch-Screen SoC Using the Eldo Control Language

The flexibility, precision, and automated results-based decision-making of the Eldo® Control Language (ECL) helped Atmel fully verify and optimize challenging analog SoCs. ECL reduced product cost while maintaining performance by supporting an iterative process that exercised hard to reach parameters. This allowed Atmel to achieve more accurate optimizations and avoid both over design and under verification. By eliminating a lengthy, error-prone process, ECL enabled a level of calibration that was not previously possible.

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ECL is really helpful if you want to optimize a design in terms of area—and area costs money—and in terms of power consumption. We wouldn’t be able to do the same level of optimization without it. ECL really tips the scales in Mentor’s favor.”

Kristiyan Krastev, Senior Analog Design Engineer, Atmel

The Problem

Traditional approaches to verifying all of the parameters involved are inefficient or impractical, resulting in designs that are either over designed or under verified. One approach is over design. But this incurs huge margins to be sure that everything is going to work, whatever the conditions, because all conditions cannot be verified. Over design has a literal cost, either in money, time, area, or all three. With the high priority on optimization, this is not a viable option.

The Solution

This work could not have been done without the automation and flexibility of ECL, not because a human could not do it, but because we don’t have the time in our schedule to do something this detailed and exhaustive.

The Results

ECL is easy to learn and use, and it helps you get things done that otherwise you couldn’t do.

ECL makes my life easier because the algorithms make a lot of the decisions for me. Using ECL, I defined the range of parameters I needed to target, and then it went through the iterations to arrive at the process corners and show how the design works within those.”

Kristiyan Krastev, Senior Analog Design Engineer, Atmel

Atmel Corporation

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