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coolCAM moves content-addressable memory from power-hungry super-chips to ordinary embedded SoC applications that can benefit from high-performance search.

Content-Addressable Memory (CAM) is a great way to make short work of large searches. Simply present the required data to a CAM macro, and it will return the address or even perform a linked table lookup in a single cycle. Unfortunately, the power consumption of a traditional CAM architecture is so large that power distribution and heat dissipation become serious issues for large implementations.

Mentor has re-engineered CAM architecture from the ground up by directly attacking the dominant sources of active power dissipation without sacrificing silicon area. coolCAM can be configured with address-readout, table-lookup, priority-encoding, priority-decoding, or other customized options. In addition to low-power, large-macro instances, coolCAM is also available for smaller size applications such as Cache TLB.

Features and Benefites

  • Based on patent-pending high-density, low-power cell design
  • Implemented in standard CMOS logic process
  • Single-cycle match and lookup capability
  • Comprehensive search functionality
  • Supports binary and true ternary formats
  • Industry-leading active power, leakage current, density and speed
  • Supports a wide range of clock duty cycles
  • Offered in major foundry leading-edge process nodes
  • Significant power reduction during CAM searches using patent-pending architecture (up to 5x lower active power)
  • Ideal for networking, communications, and compression applications
  • Higher yield and reliability
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