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MemQuest Memory Compiler

The MemQuest™ memory compiler is a unique WEB based on-line tool suite that enables the SoC designer to specify and implement CUSTOM memories in a matter of minutes.

Customer Memory Specifications

Chip designers begins the process by entering the specification for the memory that is needed in the design. All of the specification parameters that may drive the implementation of any memory are entered into MemQuest in pull-down menu form.

Architectural trade-off & ‘What–if’ analysis

As each memory is specified, a variety of instance solutions are displayed to the designer. Each axis of performance is represented with a column in the MemQuest output table. With this table, the architecture is evaluated and the design options are traded off based on the requirements for the instance (e.g., area, power, access time, leakage current) and various operating conditions. MemQuest also supports single or multi-PVT corners. Many variables such as wider combinations of muxing and banking can be expanded. Using the MemQuest flow instances can be optimized to align exactly with their required characteristics in the overall context of more energy efficient chip design.

Memory implementation

Once the specification and architectural tradeoffs have been completed, MemQuest immediately generates all of the views and models needed to instantiate the memory in the chip design for simulation. Additionally, the design is submitted to the Mentor on-line servers for physical implementation. A completely automated and correct by construction flow generates the physical implementation of the memory.

Memory verification

Following the automated implementation of the GDSII for the memory instance, an additional automated program extracts the physical circuit characteristics from the GDSII models. The program then executes a spice simulation of the exact circuit. In parallel to the automated extraction and characterization flows, another automated sequence of behind the scenes programs is run to verify the physical designs. Complete LVS and DRC verifications are run on each memory as part of this process.

Because each instance is actually characterized and verified by the on-line tools, many more degrees of freedom are available for specification by the designer who uses MemQuest. Using this flow, memories can be characterized at any number of custom corners.

MemQuest is the world’s first WEB based on-line CUSTOM memory development tool suite – not merely a narrowly characterized instance generator.

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