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Setting up Calibre in Virtuoso for multiple cell windows

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Perform database comparison (XOR) by Calibre command line invocation

Database compare is used frequently to make sure desired edits (and only desired edits) have been made to a layout database. It’s also used to make sure two layout files are identical (or not). As...…View Technology Overview

How to automatically merge layout before Verification with Calibre Interactive Pre-trigger

The final chip of your design typically comes from different groups in pieces. So before you start with your final verification, you need to merge all the parts database to create a single database to send...…View Technology Overview

How to generate CTO file from Calibre Interactive and RVE

Starting from 2013.4 release, user can create CTO file from Calibre RVE and Calibre Interactive. In Interactive, user simply click a check box and CTO file will be generated at the end of Calibre run. In...…View Technology Overview

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