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Support Guidelines

The Intellectual Property (IP) division leverages Mentor Graphics 5-STAR Support infrastructure and procedures to deliver the highest quality support in the IP industry.

IP Support Terms

Intellectual Property and Software products require different support terms. You may review IP Support Terms at any time.

All IP products used in a design project must be covered under a support contract. Please contact your Support Sales Representative to purchase, renew and/or reinstate your support contract.

Getting Started with Mentor Graphics IP

To begin using Mentor Graphics IP:

  • Login to SupportNet
  • Navigate to the appropriate Intellectual Property product and download the product that you have licensed.
    • Be sure to select the most recent version of the IP
    • Download it onto the same Sun Solaris Host ID that you provided to Mentor during the purchasing process
    • Download the MacroLib software
    • The decryption process must take place on that Sun Solaris machine

Follow directions to decrypt IP products using the MacroLib tool.

  • The decryption of Mentor Graphics IP products from the tar file supplied on the SupportNet site will require the appropriate License Keys. These keys are provided by Mentor Graphics at the time of purchase or support renewal.

Opening Service Requests

You can open and review Service Requests (SR) by logging in to SupportNet and following a simple process.

Since our goal is to resolve any IP issue as quickly as possible, you can help us by providing the following information as part of the "Long Description" when you open a Service Request (SR) on SupportNet.

  • Project identifier/name
  • Product name and part number of IP soft core, hard core and/or software
  • Project code freeze date to assist us in prioritizing issues
  • For potential malfunctions of the soft core IP (if applicable):
    • Waveforms at the periphery of the IP soft core deliverables for the time period up to and during the reported issue
    • Relevant soft core compile time configuration files e.g. <design name>_cfg.v
    • Relevant real time device programming configuration settings (e.g. Is the IP programmed as a host or device)
  • For potential malfunctions of the IP Software:
    • Software debug mode log file for the time period up to and during the issue
    • Read values of all IP addressable register space before and after the issue
    • Waveforms at the peripheral interface for the time period up to and during the issue. E.g. CATC

Mentor Support Contract

A support contract from Mentor Graphics includes:

  • Periodic enhancements to the IP that can be downloaded on demand
  • Technical assistance from an award-winning support team
  • Unrestricted access to our comprehensive support site, SupportNet
  • Proactive notice of all new releases through the SupportPro technical newsletter

If you are not registered for SupportNet, simply fill out this short form.

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