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A trip to MPH and Top Gear Live

My current blog series titled “So, you want to predict component temperatures do you?” is a big chunky theme that will require quite a few more parts until completion. As a break I thought I’d post about a recent trip to a car show in the UK, MPH featuring Top Gear Live…

Supercars are great encouragement for kids to do their homework. I took my two elder sons to the show, to say they are ‘into cars’ is an understatement. They can reel of performance stats, prices, weights etc. as if it were in the curriculum.

sany0116When looking lovingly upon an F40….

“Dad, do you think you’ll ever have one?”

“Not any more, me and mum chose to have you lot instead, just as noisy, even more rewarding though”

“Dad, do you think we’ll even have one?”

“That depends, do your homework, get good exams, get a good job, any thing’s possible if you put your mind to it”

“What sort of job, engineering like you?”

“No, we drove up in a Passat remember?”

sany0118I was pleasantly surprised to come across a PCB related Mercielago. I’m not an expert but the router looked to have had a pint or 2 too many. Hey, is this an example of ‘high speed’ PCB design? :)

Highlight of the day was a Top Gear live show. For those of you who haven’t heard of ‘Top Gear‘ you are either American or devoid of a TV. Highly popular UK motoring program hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. 70 minutes of live car stunts and fun, including an appearance from The Stig himself.

16th November, Ross-on-Wye


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