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Back to School

Today is the first day of school in England. How do I know that? My first clue was the morning drive to work went back to 60 minutes. The second clue was the diversion/roadworks signs that popped up overnight as the city started tearing up roads in earnest again. The third and final clue was seeing lots of bleary-eyed kids in new school uniforms waiting to catch buses to school.

Image courtesy of Microsoft clip art.

I don’t know about you but for weeks before going back to school we were in preparation mode at our house.  We’d dust off the old “recommended” summer holiday reading lists and cramming a couple of months of preparation work into a couple of weeks. The best bit was the massive shopping day where we’d buy new shoes, new uniforms and almost a year’s worth of school supplies – I still marvel at the fact that I used to find buying new folios, pens and pencils so exciting. And lastly, I’d start getting excited about making new friends and learning lots of cool stuff during the year. Of course the ritual changed the older I got – by the time I got to the third year of university the prospect of buying school supplies wasn’t nearly as exciting as knowing that the foundation coursework had been completed and that I would actually start taking courses specific to my chosen major and my future career.

Fast forward to today. From time to time I find that I need a top up to keep abreast of the latest and the greatest. So I read a lot (whether on the web or a book), watch on-demand presentations (some free and some paid), and attend industry events. Since we know you may also need a top up from time to time, we are publishing a new series of whitepapers called “What they didn’t teach you in engineering school about …”.  The first in the series is titled “What they didn’t teach you in engineering school about 3D pressure drop analysis.” The ebook is free and can be downloaded from our website and can serve as a good source for “top up”.  The second in the series is called “What they didn’t teach you in engineering school about heat transfer” and it should be available for download from our site in the next couple of weeks. And while you’re there, please feel free to peruse our site for lots of other free whitepapers  as well as on-demand presentations – the site is a great source of information for keeping abreast of the latest/greatest on the subject of simulation and computational fluid dynamics.  Also while we’re on the subject of learning, don’t forget about our series of Mechancial U2U (user 2 user) meetings which will take place in Germany, France, UK, US and China. For more information please follow this link. I am planning on attending all of these sessions and look forward to meeting you.

In short, school’s in… so why don’t you join us, make some new friends and learn something new!

Until next time,

Pressure Drop, CFD

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