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Feathers in our Caps

What a wonderful expression this is … putting feathers in our caps. I looked up the origins of this phrase and found that in the days gone by people used to put a new feather in the headgear of warriors for every enemy they defeated in battle. And the more feathers in the headdress, the more victories and the better the warrior.feather

Our CFD battlefield is symbolic in nature but it exists nonetheless. And I’m proud to say that our headdress has gotten a few new feathers! The feathers I’m talking about are the awards bestowed by fellow engineers and members of the media to a software program. These awards are more than just pretty plumage … they recognize the hard work that goes into developing an idea into a practical tool.

So it is with pleasure that I’d like to announce that FloTHERM, the industry’s top electronics cooling solution has won three awards in almost as many months:

  • The Design News Golden Mousetrap Award for Best Design Tools Product (US)– The editors at Design News evaluated hundreds of products in order to choose the top products within 4 categories: Electronics & Test, Automation & Control, Design Tools: Hardware & Software, and Materials & Assembly.  This is the second year we’ve won the award (although last year it was awarded to FloEFD). As a result, we now have two gleaming awards hanging side-by-side in our lobby in Hampton Court.
  • The EDN Hot 100 (US): EDN publishes a yearly list of 100 products and technologies that grabbed the attention of their editors and readers during the year. Again, this is the second year one of our products was selected for inclusion in the list — quite an honor.
  • Elektronik Magazine’s Engineering Tools of the Year (Germany): the editors at Elektronik Magazine selected 111 products in 10 categories. Then the readers of the magazine selected the final winners from this list. The top award in the category was given to National Instruments for Labview, the second place went to Microsoft for Windows Embedded Standard 7 and the third place went to Mentor Graphics for FloTHERM. Considering that thermal simulation is usually considered as an exotic/specialist tool, winning alongside such generalist tools was truly an honor. To read more please follow this link (this link takes you to a German page so you may want to use Google translate if you’re not fully conversant in German).

Why all the excitement over FloTHERM? Because the latest version includes unique patent-pending technology: the Bottleneck and the Shortcut fields. The Bottleneck field shows areas in a design where a heat path is being congested as it attempts to flow from high junction temperature points to ambient. Design changes to these bottlenecks can help solve the heat flow problem. The Shortcut field highlights areas where the addition of a simple element to the design will provide a new effective heat flow path to ambient temperature. As a result, instead of experimenting with trial and error solutions, engineers can achieve a better solution significantly faster.  If you still haven’t seen the Bottleneck or Shortcut fields in action, please feel free to watch this on-demand presentation Identifying Thermal Bottlenecks and Shortcut Opportunities at your leisure. I’m sure you’ll see why FloTHERM has gathered so much attention lately.

What do all these “feathers” mean to you? They mean that you too get to put these feathers in you cap simply by using the software. FloTHERM is not only the safest but also the wisest choice — it was developed specifically to deal with the unique needs of engineers working on electronics cooling problems and we haven’t become complacent. We continue to strive to provide you the best price performance in the market by offering unique technology to keep you a few steps ahead of your competition.

So wear your feathers proudly. You’ve earned them.

Until next time,

PS. Just wanted to give you a heads-up. We are starting to schedule User-2-User events specifically for users of FloEFD, FloTHERM, FloVENT and  T3Ster/TERALED. These events will consist of technical training sessions; therefore, you should be able to put into practice what you learn at these sessions immediately. The U2U meetings will take place in England, France, Germany, US, China and Japan. We’ll announce the dates shortly and I do hope that you can join us at one of the events.

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