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Free Visualization Software for Effortless Communication

Nazita Saye

Nazita Saye

Posted Nov 30, 2009

I’ve already admitted my love of cheesy sci-fi movies. The thing that always amazed me was the fact that despite traveling thousands of light-years from Earth, the intrepid explorers were always able to communicate with all sorts of exotic looking aliens whom they’d never encountered before in what else but English!  Fantastic… if only real life was that easy.

Sometimes briefing meetings remind me of those alien encounters – except they don’t go as smoothly. I’ve sat in on a few meetings where the engineer offers a nice/succinct technical description of a problem only for it to get lost on the finance guy or the customer who controls the purse-strings. This is simply due to the fact that we speak different “languages” – what may be perfectly clear to a technical audience may be complete gobbledygook for the non-techie.

Now some people have learned how to speak each other’s language but for the rest of us there is a rather simple solution. One of the things that we can universally relate to is the ability to look at pictures or animations and grasp the idea behind it easily. I guess I can even go as far as saying that pictures/movies are sort of a universal translator …something that can help improve communication between engineers and their non-technical managers or customers.

Use FloVIZ to communicate design intent with everyone.

Use FloVIZ to communicate design intent with everyone.

In our ever vigilant pursuit of providing the best return on software investment to the engineering community and to remove this communication barrier, we have chosen to provide a free copy of our FloVIZ visualization software to everyone who needs it. FloVIZ can be used to open and view files of any size as long as they were originally created with FloTHERM (the de facto standard in the industry for electronics cooling applications), FloTHERM.PCB (a great tool for accelerating the conceptual thermal design of PCBs) and FloVENT (the powerful CFD software for predicting airflow, heat transfer, contamination distribution in and around buildings of all types and sizes including data centers).

There is no charge for downloading and using FloVIZ and it is not hampered by any time limits. The download file is quite small (about 60 MB) so you can download it and use it immediately. To obtain a free copy of FloVIZ please follow this link and start using your universal translator today.

Until next time,

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Nazita SayeI have been involved with the CFD user community in one shape or another since 1999 -- when the NIKA team first introduced FloWorks to the engineering community. Over the years I've seen the market evolve and I still marvel at the wide range of products that are being designed with our tools. As the Manager of External Communications for the Mechanical Analysis Division at Mentor, it is my privilege to bring some of our customer stories to you. Visit CFD doesn’t mean Color For Directors

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