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Hot Days of Summer

Nazita Saye

Nazita Saye

Posted Aug 26, 2014

I moved to England 10 years ago – actually it’ll be 10 years come September 1st. During this time I have seen rain, rain and even more rain. I’ve even lived through some tepid winters and downright cold summers.  In fact, I’ve adopted an endearing habit of the English and have become obsessed with the weather. Take last year for example. We had some nice weather in April (chilly but with warm sun so it was actually quite pleasant), a handful of days of proper summer weather in June, July and August. If you totaled up all the days it was something like 30 days.  And I remember turning on the heat in early September because summer left these shores well before the autumnal equinox.  That was pretty much the extent of our summer.

This March we had some lovely warm sunshine so I thought that was it and spent as much time as I could outdoors. Then April happened to be nice too. And low and behold the nice weather stayed with us in June, July and August. This is the first summer since 2006 where I actually got an English tan and remained tanned – when I went to LA a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t the palest person in the room for a change.  Of course the downside of heat in a country where it doesn’t get hot often is lack of air conditioning. Some office buildings and stores are kitted with AC but a majority of buildings including my office are not (the same kind of situation you find in San Francisco). Quite frankly we don’t need it 95% of the time and I prefer fresh to canned air any day (your skin doesn’t dry up like a lizard’s nor do you feel compelled to wear a fleece and fingerless gloves in 90 degree weather because the AC has two settings – freeze or deep freeze).  But during that 5% …

A simplified model of the hallway and my office. All rights reserved - Mentor Graphics Inc.

A simplified model of the hallway and my office. That’s me in the corner :- All rights reserved – Mentor Graphics Inc.

Working in the airflow biz, I’ve learned a few tricks over the years. Now when it gets really hot, I turn up the AC in the conference room at the end of the hallway, place a fan just inside the doorway to push the air down the hallway and the offices down on our end get to enjoy lovely cool air. That is until someone books the conference room and shuts our supply.

A colleague who’d never seen my set-up before was rather intrigued by it on the first hot day of summer. He walked into my office with a rather bemused look on his face and told me that the airflow wasn’t optimized. He adjusted the fan before returning to his end of the building (which is air conditioned). The next day he came in bearing gifts. He’d built a rough model of my set-up including me and my office and analyzed it so he could give me additional tips/tricks to improve the airflow. BTW that’s me in the corner being hot (and no this isn’t the prettiest CFD plot but it communicates what it needs to easily and without any fuss). Fantastic! He suggested a two fan model – a second fan down the hallway just inside my office door to push the cool air into my office. As soon as we deployed his suggestion my office became noticeably cooler. One happy customer right here :-)

This type of conversation probably takes place on a daily basis around the world. No, not the turn up the AC and put in a couple of fans down the hallway but the use of CFD to optimize hot and cold airflow in buildings. By using CFD architects and facilities managers can easily optimize airflow in structures of all kinds without much fuss or ceremony and without having to subject the occupants to unnecessary discomfort. And in case you’re wondering, we have a vast amount of educational material that can be very helpful if you’re trying to solve an airflow problem or two. Just follow this link to our resource library and have a good look.

Oh and I’m very pleased to say that my office has since been kitted with a lovely AC unit which keeps me nice and comfy but I’ve hardly used it since installation. It seems our summer has come to an abrupt end because we’re expecting the temperature to drop drastically in a couple of days (yup, it’s still August!). But I’m not going to complain. We’ve had a lovely summer.
Until next time,

PS. And to prove it’s been a nice summer here’s a picture I took in mid-May while out on a walk near Derby

A sunny afternoon near Derby. All rights reserved.

A lovely late spring walk near Derby.

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