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Light My Way

Nazita Saye

Nazita Saye

Posted Aug 13, 2013

My last blog post about trash cans on London streets turned out to be quite controversial.

It wasn’t my blog post that caused a furor but I guess a few other folks in London were on the same wavelength as me when they came across these bins. In case you missed my last post, here’s a quick summary. A company in England has tricked out a whole network of trash cans in London with LED displays that serve advertising. But these bins were also collecting and tracking information on folks who were walking by. This market demographic could then be used to sell more advertising to companies trying to reach their perfect consumer.

Anyway, yesterday the City of London, which is a corporation by the way (that was a new one to me), asked the company behind these trash cans to stop tracking people. The BBC has done a wonderful job of covering the news so if you’d like to read the story firsthand here’s a link.  I guess we’re not quite ready for a brave new world after all.

While I was wondering whether I should update my previous blog post or not, I came across another story that also dealt with lighting but from a completely different angle.  So I thought a lighting inspired post would be very appropriate indeed.

Image courtesy of Microsoft clipart. All rights reserved.

And that brings me to Mr. Alfredo Moser, a Brazilian mechanic. Mr. Moser has come up with a low tech method of lighting his house during the day due to chronic power outages in his neighborhood. The “Moser lamp” is a mini skylight and consists of a plastic bottle, some bleach, water, a bit of polyester resin and a lot of sunlight. The solution is so elegant in its simplicity that one has no option but to sit back and marvel. And the beautiful thing is that Mr. Moser has shared his technique with everyone for … free. Apparently 140,000 homes in the Philippines are using the Moser lamp and 15 countries have adopted it as well. And it certainly looks like this is just the beginning. If you haven’t come across the Moser lamp, then you really need to read this article.

When I finished reading the article I sat there with a smile. Now that is not only a green idea but it packs in quite a good return on investment (ROI) too! It goes to show you that often the best ideas are the simplest ones. All you need is inspiration.

If only all ideas were this simple. But for the ones that are not it’s a good thing that we’ve got tools such as CFD to help engineers dream up some wonderfully complicated products.

Here’s to all the dreamers and engineers of the world lighting our way to brighter futures.
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