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Make FloEFD the way you want it!

Well this is great, after some really busy weeks I wanted to give a good advice to all FloEFD users (and of corse the other Flo* products users) and I have to see that Robin already did. But anyway I want to point this out too.

Did you ever wonder if you can have any influence in the development of software you are using. Take the Microsoft Office products for example, do you think you can have any influence in a product as big as this in the way of handling it, in new features you want to have in the software? I don’t know if Microsoft has an email address on where to send enhancement suggestions so I don’t want to say you cannot influence them but when you think about it, you can get the feeling you are just a little user that no one can hear when screaming for an certain enhancement you could need really badly. But hey, you have the right to get heard and involved in the development process. After all, you are buying the software and using it. Imagine you have bought a new really nice car and there is some problem with, lets say something non-lethal than the brakes :-) , the steering wheel it is going really hard and you wouldn’t have the right to get it fixed or in our case improved with a better bearing or what ever would solve the problem. Ok, that would be more of a bug than an enhancement, but I think you catch my drift.

As an engineer who works in the support we regularly receive calls from customers asking if this or that is possible with FloEFD and if not we can forward an enhancement to our developers and we gladly do this since you are the expert in your field and know what is needed to simulate or visualize your models. But when we forward the enhancement, how would you know we really did it (not that we won’t, but do you know it?) or you would again get the feeling you are the only one who needs this enhancement and why should we listen to you “little” user out of thousands of other users around the world. Well there is one way to make sure your enhancement is getting seen by the developer team and to see if you are really the only one who need this. Log on to your SupportNet website and see in the bottom left column the blue “Mentor Ideas” field. Simply click on it and you can create yourself a profile and post your enhancement suggestion. But not only post your suggestions, you can also vote for other suggestions so they are climbing up in the ranking list and with that helping our developers to see which enhancement is of high interest for our customers.

As you can see you are not only heard, others can also vote for your suggestions so you can see that it was a good one and you can comment on other suggestions and your own. How’s that, having the feeling that it is YOUR FloEFD you use. Our developer team will comment on you suggestions if they are possible or ask you for more details etc. Pleas try to use this really good tool to make FloEFD the way you want it to be with features you need to simulate your applications and if your not a native English speaker or think your English is not good enough, don’t hesitate and ask your support engineer to write an enhancement suggestion for you on Mentor Ideas either anonymous or with company and/or your name to see how your idea is welcomed in the world of other FloEFD users.

I can only encourage you, and remind you again:

It is YOU who bought FloEFD, it is YOU who uses FloEFD and who else can help us better than YOU to make FloEFD more suitable to YOUR needs if not (who would have guessed it?) YOU!”

So please help us and yourself improving FloEFD in usability and suitability for your needs.

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About Boris Marovic

Boris MarovicI studied Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart (Germany) and did my final thesis at the AME of the University of Arizona (USA). I started in 2007 directly at Mentor Graphics (at that time NIKA/Flomerics) and am working in the customer support for the FloEFD products, demoing the software and giving trainings for the FloEFD products. Basically I'm interested in almost every engineering simulation there is. I did work a little with the FEM stress simulation of Catia V5 and ever since I liked the idea of simulating in the design process and that's how I found my way to FloEFD. Well I have some hobbies like Skiing, skating, my dog (she's a cutie but sometimes can be a real little gremlin). I really like aircrafts, but rather military jets than commercial aircrafts and I like designing. Modeling something really nice like a car or even a simple fixture gives me always the feeling of satisfaction when seeing the final version and being proud of my creation. Maybe you know the feeling when you created something and then leaning back watching at it and thinking "Yep, that's my baby!". Oh, and not to forget, I love motorcycles primarily supersport. Every spring when all the bikers crawling out of their holes and you hear the sounds of roaring engines I have goose bumps all over my back. Unfortunately I currently don't have a bike on my own but that'll change hopefully soon. Visit Boris Marovic’s Blog

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