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Mechanical Analysis Products Now in Mentor’s Higher Education Program

John Parry

John Parry

Posted Jul 19, 2010

If you’re involved in CFD in education in any way this will be of interest to you. Since shortly after Flomerics were acquired by Mentor Graphics we’ve been working towards getting out products into Mentor’s Higher Education Program (HEP), and we’ve finally got it done.

To my knowledge, the availability of potentially millions of dollars worth of commercial CFD software, plus support and training, for around US$500 annually is unique in the CFD business, so this is something of a game changer. Here are the details:

All of this is available to accredited educational establishments that award national or state registered degrees or diplomas for a nominal annual fee that includes support through Mentor’s award winning technical support service, plus faculty and specified teaching staff members are eligible to attend Mentor Graphics’ advertised public training classes at zero cost on a space-available basis.

There are three product sets included in the Mechanical Analysis design package:

FloTHERM – supporting the complete thermal design of electronics from IC package through to system-level cooling

FloTHERM - IC Package to Full-System Electronics Cooling

FloTHERM - IC Package to Full-System Electronics Cooling

 FloVENT – predicting and optimizing airflow, temperature and contamination control in data centers and IT rooms, clean room ventilation, auditoriums, shopping malls, office buildings, underground car parks, passenger comfort in vehicles & terminals, air quality and contamination control in laboratories, research facilities, and hospitals

FloVENT - Built Environment HVAC Design & Optimization

FloVENT - Built Environment HVAC Design & Optimization


FloEFD – embedded in the mechanical CAD environment, FloEFD provides CFD analysis concurrent with the core mechanical design process across a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace and electronics, helping engineers quickly overcome everyday design challenges. Also included are the Electronics Cooling and Advanced CFD modules

FloEFD – CAD-Embedded Concurrent CFD

FloEFD – CAD-Embedded Concurrent CFD

The ease of use of Mentor’s CFD products, which are being used successfully by high schools through programs such as the Real World Design Challenge, makes them ideal for undergraduate teaching as well as university research. To find out more download the fact sheet.

You can also download the full higher education program brochure, or check whether your organisation is eligible and apply on-line here.

Dr. J, Hampton Court

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About John Parry

John ParryI started my career in the consultancy group at CHAM Ltd., using PHOENICS for a variety of CFD applications. From the consultancy group I moved into support, helping customers debug models, and figuring out how to model new applications. That broadened into delivering training courses and creating training material. I was invited to join Flomerics when it started in 1989 to head up Customer Services, and I jumped at the chance to work for a startup. After a few years supporting customers using FloTHERM I moved across into research, developing thermofluid models of common electronic parts, like fans and IC packages, later managing the DELPHI and SEED projects. More recently I worked with Flomerics’ Finance Director on the acquisition of MicReD, helping to integrate MicReD’s business into Flomerics Group which was great fun. Since Flomerics acquired Nika, I’ve been responsible for promoting the FloEFD suite in education, and moved into marketing. I now work as part of the Mechanical Analysis Division’s Corporate Marketing group, responsible for ElectronicsCooling Magazine and the division’s Higher Education Program. Expertise: I’m a chemical engineer by training and did a PhD in reactor design before getting involved with CFD more than 25 years ago. Visit John Parry’s Blog

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