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Modelling and Simulating a PC with FloEFD (Part 1)

I want to welcome you to my blog and as you can read in what my blog will be about, I’m going to do some projects. These projects will be about some things that I always wanted to do with FloEFD and of course if you have some interesting suggestions it will be also about some of your ideas. If there is a reader out there that is experienced in the field of my project I’ll be happy to hear any helpful comments on boundary conditions or other settings or data that he can provide me.

The first project is about my new computer I bought. My old computer died some days ago, or better said the graphics card died a heat death and since it was a notebook it is hard to switch the graphics card. The notebook was now 3 years old and the warranty is over so a new computer was the best logical decision for me. I always configured my computer by myself an so I bought the components that I wanted and assembled it myself.

The project shall be about analysing the airflow in the computer to see where to place the components the best but first I had to measure the parts and their position. I did that and wrote the dimensions down so don’t think that my living room is still spread with components and it would look like this the next few weeks :-)

The first component I modelled was my CPU heat sink. It’s the Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 heat sink for the corresponding smallest CPU version based on the 1366 Socket currently available.

I’m very happy with this heat sink, it has two NF-P12 fans also from Noctua which are very quiet. The noisiest component in my computer is my DVD drive when it is running.

I measured one single sheet metal of the heat sink and put it in a pattern, also the heat pipe and the socket. For a complete analysis of the model with a detailed heat sink it would take to much cells and computational time so I will have to model a simple block in the shape of the sheet metal array and make a sample calculation of the pressure loss over volume flow to be able to define a porous media to the simplified block. But since I had to measure it was no problem to use a pattern to build the whole heat sink and it just looks cool as you can see.


In the next blog about this project I will show the next component that I modelled and maybe I had time to calculate the porous media properties too.




So see you soon to part 2 of this project.

By the way, since I don’t know how many steps I’ll need to model the whole computer and calculate some results of different configurations, I won’t name the project with Part X of Y instead I will use consecutive numbers.

FloEFD Project

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Boris MarovicI studied Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart (Germany) and did my final thesis at the AME of the University of Arizona (USA). I started in 2007 directly at Mentor Graphics (at that time NIKA/Flomerics) and am working in the customer support for the FloEFD products, demoing the software and giving trainings for the FloEFD products. Basically I'm interested in almost every engineering simulation there is. I did work a little with the FEM stress simulation of Catia V5 and ever since I liked the idea of simulating in the design process and that's how I found my way to FloEFD. Well I have some hobbies like Skiing, skating, my dog (she's a cutie but sometimes can be a real little gremlin). I really like aircrafts, but rather military jets than commercial aircrafts and I like designing. Modeling something really nice like a car or even a simple fixture gives me always the feeling of satisfaction when seeing the final version and being proud of my creation. Maybe you know the feeling when you created something and then leaning back watching at it and thinking "Yep, that's my baby!". Oh, and not to forget, I love motorcycles primarily supersport. Every spring when all the bikers crawling out of their holes and you hear the sounds of roaring engines I have goose bumps all over my back. Unfortunately I currently don't have a bike on my own but that'll change hopefully soon. Visit Boris Marovic’s Blog

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