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No more old fashion light bulbs in all EU countries

Have you heard or read that soon there will be no more old fashion light bulbs in EU countries? What would Thomas Edison say if he knew that the biggest invention he made will become extinct in the EU. Would he turn in his grave or would he welcome the change to newer innovative technology that is more energy saving and efficient? I think as an innovative inventor he was he would welcome it since every smart inventor and designer is constantly working on improving his product. It’s like a non-biological evolution. And I would say also Darwin’s law applies to the non-biological world. Its either eat or be eaten (survival of the fittest). So it is more of an evolutional step from the light bulb to energy saving bulbs or LED – well not exactly bulbs but I think you know what I mean. Evolution is something good things adapt to their environment and therefore getting better if it’s in efficiency or in reproduction. For example, have you heard of some birds mimicking a little bit ring tones of cell phones? With these new calls the bird is more of an exotic attraction to its female counterpart than the old fashion male and wil have more success in reproduction.

Well ok, there are good and bad ways evolution can be triggered. It can be a bad way if mankind is causing the wildlife into a new evolutionary step especially if we are forcing it too fast by changing the environment faster than the animals and plants can adapt and therefore will face extinction in the worst case or reduced to an endangered species until they adapt to their new environment. Some – lets say pessimists – say evolution can be expensive and are refusing to adapt. You can see what happens when looking on your mother and maybe also father of higher ages, they usually cannot make heads and tails out of all the new technology such as DVD and HD recorders, DSL and multi processor computers. But some of you might have a father who was always into technology and doesn’t have a problem with the new stuff. Hehe, when I think of my Mom, she called me just yesterday and said here computer won’t start anymore. It seems to show a blue screen with white text on it and she doesn’t know what to do. Well since I’m not that close to here home I cannot simply drive over and fix the problem but every now and then something else happens, here HD recorder is not working or her WLAN. Funny how someone easily fixes the problem who is staying on the technology wave and other who stopped chasing it is getting left behind and it can be a really fast wave sometimes.

But back to the bulbs… I think Australia did a great job in forcing to switch to the energy saving bulbs. Of course they are more expensive and have a shorter life time if always switched on and off but this will change. When thinking back to the time the first LCD and TFT displays came to market, they were so expensive and only 14″ LCD were relatively affordable but today the production processes have improved and made it all more affordable not only because of the technology in the production process but also because people bought more and more LCD and TFT so there was a change that forced the prices to go down and improve the production. When you think of these limited sports cars that are almost hand crafted, they are also very expensive and therefore an exclusive item for rich people. But imagine a mass production of these cars. The price would plummet from lets say 250,000 Euro to 100,000 Euro. The first LCDs had a pretty high error rate of pixels and so a lot of displays were to bad to sell but the process improved and so they became cheaper. Today the CRT displays became extinct, well not every workplace has a TFT yet, but try to buy a CRT display in a shop today ;-) If you go into a computer store in a few years and want to buy a CRT display the young sales person (just turned 18) might throw a questioning look at you and ask “You want to buy a what?”

Sometimes I can’t wait to see what the future holds and am amazed about the abilities of new technology. So we all better stay on the wave of technology to not get washed aside.

Until next time…

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