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One Hundredth of a Second

There aren’t that many things in our daily lives that are measured in tenths or even hundredths of a second but athletes are constantly battling time. Sometimes a race is won with such a large margin that seconds just don’t matter (did anyone see the last few legs of the Tour de France?).  And sometimes, every nanosecond counts. If you watched the snow sports in the 2010 Winter Olympics then you’d know what I’m talking about.

CFD analysis on a bobskeleton. Image courtesy of Bromely Technologies and Mentor Graphics.

CFD analysis featuring Kristan Bromley on a bobskeleton. Image courtesy of Bromely Technologies and Mentor Graphics.

In an effort to increase speed, the engineering teams supporting athletes are always thinking about how to gain that competitive edge … how to shave an extra ounce of weight or how to modify the equipment to make it more aerodynamic and reduce resistance. Come to think of it, this challenge is faced by all design engineers. Ok, so not all of you are supporting athletes but the principles are the same no matter what you’re working on. I’m willing to bet that some of the products you are designing do benefit from becoming lighter, faster, better…

If you are interested in learning how one design team helps Olympic athletes do what they do best with the help of CFD, then please watch this on-demand presentation When .001/second is the difference – using concurrent CFD to design for Olympic speed. In this presentation, Professor Kristan Bromley describes his tried and proven philosophy of athlete-enabled engineering & technological developments in winter sports particularly related to his own sport of bobsled skeleton where he was World Champion in 2008. His small Sheffield, UK-based company, Bromley Technologies Ltd, launched a managed, sponsorship funded, high performance sports engineering initiative in 2007 that seeks to add value to elite athlete performance through technological innovation and wizardry. Operating in the same mold as a mini Formula One Motor Sport team, Bromley harnesses world class technological expertise from world leading companies and fuses it with Bromley’s pedigree and proven highly specialized engineering expertise in bobsled sports. The F-ICE program, as it is called, is a world’s first and is designed to complement the athlete’s own world class performance.

It is a fascinating session and I do hope you enjoy it.
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