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Roundup of SEMI-THERM, FloTHERM IC launch and JEDEC

I’m just back from a very productive SEMI-THERM Conference where we launched our new FloTHERM IC product. We had meetings with the editors of 5 leading electronics magazines to coincide with the launch, which was made at our vendor presentation during the exhibition at the start of Tuesday afternoon. Well done to all involved! If you want to see what others are saying about FloTHERM IC check out the write ups in Embedded Computing, Business Wire and EE Times to name just a few. It offers massive productivity enhancement for anyone generating package thermal metrics by simulation as it completely automates the process.

I unfortunately missed the FloTHERM IC presentation as I was showing the publisher of ElectronicsCooling Magazine around the exhibition ahead of the re-launch of the print publication next month. If you’ve not seen it already, check out the cool new web site.

It was interesting to see a complete off-the-shelf primed and sealed liquid cooling solution for a high end graphics card, capable of cooling well over 400W. The technology is largely in place for this approach to become the standard cooling solution for high-end graphics cards and processors, perhaps allowing a step change in performance provided applications are available to drive demand and make the increased cost worthwhile. Over time the cost increment of liquid cooling solutions will diminish as heat sink size and fan performance demands push up the cost of air cooling.

At the Awards Luncheon on Thursday I presented the “Harvey Rosten Award for Excellence” to Prof. Suresh V. Garimella and Tannaz Harirchian for their paper “Boiling Heat Transfer and Flow Regimes in Microchannels – a Comprehensive Understanding” that was presented at the THERMINIC Workshop last October in Leuven, Belgium. Here’s a link to the abstract.


Harvey Rosten Award for Excellence 2009, presented to Prof. Suresh V. Garimella (right)

Next year the SEMI-THERM conference will be in the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, CA on March 20-24. Well worth marking your calendars, and if you’re in the area don’t forget entrance to the exhibition is FREE!

I attended the JEDEC JC15 Committee meeting after the conference to report on the progress that’s been made on an XML-based file format for the exchange of thermal resistance network based compact thermal models (CTMs) of electronic components and to re-start a similar activity relating to power maps. Fingers crossed, I’m hoping to make good progress on these in the next few months.

SEMI-THERM Conference, Thermal Management, Thermal Design, FloTHERM IC, FloTHERM, Electronics Cooling, DELPHI Model, JEDEC JC15, 2-Resistor Model

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