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Semiconductor Package Thermal Characterization and Design as Easy as 1-2-3

Nazita Saye

Nazita Saye

Posted Feb 24, 2010

If you are involved with semiconductor packaging design, then have I got news for you.

We just announced the availability of FloTHERM IC – a web-based tool that delivers a high level of automation to design tasks associated with full-spectrum thermal characterization and validation.

From what I understand, a typical semiconductor thermal team spends about 60% of their time on standard package thermal characterization and design. The remainder of their time is spent on customer specific characterization. What’s neat about FloTHERM IC is that it automates the process so you can drastically reduce not only the time spent on the standard package design but also on the customer specific characterization as well.  And FloTHERM IC includes pre-verified thermal models which can reduce the risk of modeling errors. Nice.chip

So what are the areas addressed by FloTHERM IC:

  • Full-spectrum thermal metric and compact model generation with full adherence to published JEDEC standards
  • “Package-aware” parametric design for “what-if” analysis
  • EDA tool interfacing for detailed modeling of BGA substrates for physical layout
  • Data mining of simulation data to enable optimized design time and reuse

I should point out that FloTHERM IC uses FloTHERM CFD software as its analysis engine (the number one software of choice for thermal engineers around the world) and it uses FloTHERM PACK Smart Parts which help reduce risk of modeling errors. And FloTHERM IC has a wizard-based interface which makes using it very intuitive. For additional information about FloTHERM IC and what it can do, please follow this link.

Since this blog is all about ROI, then let’s talk about how you can try FloTHERM IC for free. You can request a free 30-day trial version from here.  Please bear in mind that you will be using the production-version of the software so you can use it to work on your real projects — not some canned stuff. 23 of the top 50 semiconductor companies use our products so you’ll be in very good company.

Until next time,

ROI, Smart Parts, CFD, BGA Substrates, Thermal Characterization, Validation, Package Design, FloTHERM PACK

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