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Shortcut key to view objects in FloVIZ

As promised a quick how-to on something I recently discovered. Yes it’s probably been there since Visual Editor was first released, and yes most people probably already know about it. But for those of us who are slower on the uptake:

It is possible to use the “V” key in FloViz to quickly show an object that has been selected in Project Manager and is currently not shown in the FloViz window. Just select the object in Project Manager then go back to FloViz and hit v. The view will reorientate so that the selected object is shown. This is particularly useful in cluttered models where it is necessary to zoom in on many small objects located all over the place.

Also don’t forget that in FloTHERM/VENT v8.2 there is now two way selection in tables view. Any object selected in Project Manager will be automatically selected and scrolled to in Tables view and vice versa.

FloVENT, FloViz, Shortcut Key

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