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The Most Extreme CFD Model Ever Ever - Explained

The ability of FloTHERM to resolve a massive disparity in geometric length scale in a single model is for me its greatest strength. By not having to make simplifying assumptions to ignore either extremely small or truncate extremely large geometric parts and features, simulation accuracy can be better assured. The 'die in a city' model in the previous blog resolved a length scale of 1,000,000,000:1. Admittedly not a common type of model (unless you are a deviant simulation masochist) but it does prove a point.  But just how does FloTHERM do it...?

CFD, Grid, Mesh

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Robin BornoffRobin Bornoff achieved a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Brunel University in 1992 followed by a PhD in 1995 for CFD research. He then joined Mentor Graphics Corporation, Mechanical Analysis Division (formerly Flomerics Ltd) as an application and support engineer, specializing in the application of CFD to electronics cooling and the design of the built environment. Having been the Product Marketing Manager responsible for the FloTHERM and FloVENT softwares he is now Market Development Manager for the Physical Design of Electronics in the Mechanical Analysis Division. Visit Robin Bornoff's blog

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Very impressive - .pdml please!

Chris Hill
7:08 AM Jan 13, 2010

I'm working on making available .pack (FloTHERM results) files for this and most previous worked examples from this blog. Watch this space for their availability and download instructions for FloVIZ for those of you who would like to interact with these modes but don't have access to FloTHERM itself.

Robin Bornoff
10:34 AM Jan 13, 2010

When i see your model I am strangely reminded of some of the Doom and Doom2 cityscapes. I think the next version of Flotherm should have the ability to import .wad files.

Chris Hill
1:49 PM Jan 13, 2010

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