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The Secret of Doing Fewer PCB Respins – Unveiled!

I come across a fair bit of industry research and I read it all. Unfortunately retrieving the information from my brain can be a bit problematic because my brain doesn’t think or store information in a linear fashion. So from time to time I find myself skimming the reports again just to remind myself of the information. These sessions are usually littered with my yelps of “that’s right” and “oh that’s interesting” (no doubt much to the annoyance of everyone else sitting around me in our open office).   And sometimes when the information is really juicy I read it out loud to no one in particular and inevitably start a conversation chain reaction.

One of the conversation chain reactions was about PCB respins. Now my division has quite a pedigree in matters relating to electronics cooling so we have a lot of experts who’ve been there, done that and so to speak have not only read the book but in all likelihood they wrote it! But even this bit of information made everyone stand up and listen.

Users of Mentor Mechanical products respin their designs fewer times. Image courtesy of Aberdeen Group.

Users of Mentor Mechanical products respin their designs fewer times. Data courtesy of Aberdeen Group.

According to a 2007 Aberdeen Group survey, our customers (Mentor Mechanical Analysis customers) are 5 times more likely to respin their design only once with the rest of the industry averaging nearly 3 respins per design. So what this says to me is by using software tools such as FloTHERM and FloTHERM PCB, users can significantly reduce the number of design respins by dealing with mechanical thermal issues with simulation early on and get the product out to market faster (and less expensively if I might add). Wow … now that’s a secret I don’t mind spilling the beans on!

If you are a mechanical engineer and are curious about how you can reduce PCB respins, then I’d like to invite you to attend a free presentation titled Reducing PCB Respins. The presentation will take place on Wednesday February 24 and is open to everyone. The speaker is one of our product managers, Byron Blackmore. He is one of the electronics cooling gurus I mentioned earlier so he really knows what he’s talking about.  I for one am really looking forward to hearing him speak on the topic because I always learn something new whenever I speak with him.  Hope to see you there.

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