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Try before you buy

Nazita Saye

Nazita Saye

Posted Aug 15, 2014

I’m a keen walker and hiker. I prefer 10-15 mile excursions – anything short of 8 miles is hardly worth getting out of bed for and anything over 15 miles can be challenging (especially if there are lots of hills involved). Last month a friend of mine cajoled me into signing up for a charity walking marathon. The 26.2-mile walk starts at 9 pm in London and continues until the morning (here’s a route map if you’re interested). I’ve done 30-mile walks but over the course of two days so training for this walk has been interesting to say the least. After a 15-mile practice walk three weeks ago I realized that my hiking boots were not up to the task – they’re heavy and the pounding on concrete proved extremely painful. So I started looking for a pair of shoes that offered greater cushioning.

I popped into a store specializing in walking/running shoes while I was in LA last week and the friendly chap insisted on analyzing my walking style to find the optimum shoe. After walking and standing on a pressure pad of sorts, I received a detailed explanation of my walking style — apparently I’m a neutral walker who puts a lot of pressure on the heels. I could have told him that but the use of the equipment seemed to make him happy and the graphics looked cool so I went along with it (I wish I’d taken a picture of the plot). He picked out my ideal combination of shoe inserts and two pairs of shoes – one was a rather loud combination of metallic blue and green while the other was an 80’s inspired neon pink and orange set. Not being shy about sporting loud colors, I power-walked around the shop for a good 10 minutes in both pairs (dodging around people in the shop was a good simulation of what I’ll be going through during the actual event). I couldn’t decide which one I liked best so the salesman told me that if I were to join their membership club I could take my preferred set home and wear them for 30 days. If for any reason I didn’t like them then I could bring them back during that period and they’d fit me with another pair. I signed on the dotted line and promptly carried my metallic blue shoes away (they should come with a free pair of sunglasses ;-)). I wore my shoes for a few days around town and I’m happy to report that I didn’t need the 30-day guarantee but it was good to have that safety net.

I really like the try before you buy concept. I especially like it when buying high ticket items. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that when buying a new car or a new house? Ok I know you can do a test drive but it usually consists of 20 minutes of tootling around city streets while the dealer is talking about the virtues of the car. Or even worse, how will you know whether you’re moving to a new place with a neighbor who is not very neighborly? Unfortunately no one offers those options. But thankfully you have that option when looking for a new CFD solution! Our innovative Virtual Labs enable engineers to try our software at no cost and without having to download anything. You simply try the software of your choice on the cloud quickly – BTW the speed/performance is pretty impressive if I may say so myself but I’m rather biased. To learn more about our CAD-embedded general purpose CFD FloEFD for Creo Virtual Lab please follow this link. And to learn more about our Flowmaster thermo-fluid simulation Virtual Lab please follow this link.

So there you have it. Try before you buy CFD without having to download anything or joining any clubs. Now if only we could find something like this from hardware companies we’d be golden!
Until next time,

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Nazita SayeI have been involved with the CFD user community in one shape or another since 1999 -- when the NIKA team first introduced FloWorks to the engineering community. Over the years I've seen the market evolve and I still marvel at the wide range of products that are being designed with our tools. As the Manager of External Communications for the Mechanical Analysis Division at Mentor, it is my privilege to bring some of our customer stories to you. Visit CFD doesn’t mean Color For Directors

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Hi (after a long time!) Nazita, Your blog brought up memories of Temescal Canyon hike we used to in the 90's. It is good to know that you have kept up with walking / hiking. Have you been back there lately? I am in Norcal these days but I drove by last year but did not hike. I was wondering how you were going to make the connection with hiking shoes & CFD at the beginning of the blog. So in addition to try-before-buy, there are other apps for CFD in shoes, one among them being gel-filled heels of shoes / viscous flow. There is also the impact simulation with viscous fluids in the shoe structure, an ideal application for combined meshed and mesh-free methods (not sure if Mentor has those!). Cheers, MP Divakar, PhD

Dr. MP Divakar
5:28 PM Aug 20, 2014

Dr D, it has been a long time! Good to hear from you. I did that route last year and it was as lovely as I remembered. I think we may need a hiking team reunion in 2015. Yes there are lots of connections that I could have made. CFD functionality has grown by leaps and bounds since those early days as has its ease of use :-) All the best!

Nazita Saye
2:13 PM Aug 26, 2014

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