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Where’s the Best Place to Put a Radiator in a Room? Part 3: 13% Better

Conventional wisdom has it that the best place to put a radiator in a room is under the window. However, there's nothing conventional about wisdom and one should be obliged to question and verify those facts that we take for granted. CFD and its ability to predict air flow and heat transfer offers an unrivalled efficient method to study such applications. Using the concept of PPD (percentage people dissatisfied) we can compare and contrast differing radiator configurations using simulation, bypassing the need for a) plumbers and b) a tolerance of plumbers.

FloVENT, HVAC, CFD, radiator, thermal comfort

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Robin BornoffRobin Bornoff achieved a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Brunel University in 1992 followed by a PhD in 1995 for CFD research. He then joined Mentor Graphics Corporation, Mechanical Analysis Division (formerly Flomerics Ltd) as an application and support engineer, specializing in the application of CFD to electronics cooling and the design of the built environment. He is now the Product Marketing Manager responsible for the FloTHERM and FloVENT softwares. Visit Robin Bornoff's blog

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That first image and accompanying graph should be forwarded to the builder of my flat, Berkeley Homes. They seem to think that a few electric radiators on the opposite wall to the windows should perform fine. In a flat of ~128.2 cubic metres, the total radiator volume is only ~0.123 cubic metres and they only push out around 14501 BTU/hr - the living room making up 6824 of those when it really should be double that. Builders with a radiator do not a thermal engineer make

Ben Moxey
12:57 PM Nov 15, 2012

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