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Why Thermal Characterization of Integrated Circuits (ICs) is Important?

Integrated circuits can be found pretty much everywhere – in electronic equipment such as computers, phones, traffic lights and in anything that uses electronic components even planes, trains and automobiles! These little chips are getting more and more powerful thanks to advancing technology. But at the same time the devices that they go into are getting smaller and smaller; thus, forcing engineers to try to fit in more powerful components into a smaller area. As a result, engineers need to come up with effective heat removal – effective both in terms of cost and the physical act of removing that pesky heat. CFD software and simulation are the fastest and most cost effective way of understanding how to solve these challenges.Thermal characterization

If you are a thermal engineer and are grappling with these issues, I would like to invite you to attend an online web meeting titled: Accurate Component Junction and Case Temperature which will take place on December 16 at 4 PM Eastern US time. I know that some of you may be unable to attend this event (especially if you’re based in Asia or Europe) so if you are interested in the topic please register for the event. We will send you a link to the archived event after the meeting so you can watch it at your convenience. Anyway, this presentation will discuss why it is useful to characterize the thermal properties of a component and what modelling methods are available. The pros and cons of the different methods and in what situations they may be appropriate will also be covered. I think you’ll like this presentation. The presentation will be made by one of our most excellent engineers, Ms. Kelly Cordell-Morris. She’s has been with our division for about 5 years and has pretty much seen it all (insofar as thermal challenges and solving them is concerned). So she’s an especially good resource to pose your questions! Hope to see you there.

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