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Wimbledon's Centre Court Roof

So Murray played under the roof on Monday. It was a pretty intense match and I got absolutely nothing done that evening as I couldn’t drag my eyes away from the TV.

I’ve been thinking about the design, and the fact that the humidity needs to be kept at around 50% RH to avoid condensation or the grass sweating. Humidity can effect the speed of the ball though and certainly Murray has claimed that he needed to change his game to cope with the changed conditions and that if felt very humid to play in.

FloVENT can be used to predict the temperature and humidity levels within a model. FloVENT can output a percentage saturation therefore telling you where condensation will occur. FloVENT would allow you to model the centre court structure, the spectators and players as well as the air conditioning systems and the solar loading through the material roof. FloVENT allows you to investigate comfort temperatures and indices for occupants, and make quick changes to your HVAC design and see the impact it makes. You could even use the analysis to determine whether you could have a system with a lower humidity and allow Murray to play his normal game.

Comfort, HVAC, FloVENT

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