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Posts tagged with 'aerodynamics'

10 Aug, 2012

CFD and the Olympics

Posted by Travis Mikjaniec

Travis Mikjaniec When I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, I knew I needed to analyze something related to the Olympics during this special time of year.  At first I thought I would analyze the Olympic Rings.  Not a real scientific CFD analysis, but just something cool and easy to do, by hollowing out some Olympic CAD rings and putting some flow through.  Well, using FloEFD to do this analysis was easy, … Read More

Shuttlecock, Olympics, Badminton, Birdie, aerodynamics, Creo, CFD, Compuational Fluid Dynamics

2 Aug, 2012

CFD and the Olympics

Posted by Nazita Saye

Nazita Saye

Hi. You may have been wondering why I’ve been so quiet lately. Quite frankly I’ve been busy. Busy at work and busy during my downtime (which is when I do most of my thinking and writing for this blog). This has been a tremendous summer for those of us who are in London. First we celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Then came the Olympics. Yes I stood in the cold and monsoon rain for

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aerodynamics, wind tunnel test, CFD

21 Mar, 2011

Nazita Saye As you may have already heard, our division works with Bromley Technologies – the team of engineering experts behind Olympic athletes Shelley Rudman and Kristan Bromley. They have together won the most medals for Great Britain this past season.  Last year when I first saw footage of Kristan racing, I was in awe. The speed, the motion, the action … it all requires nerves of steel.  If you’d like to watch/listen … Read More

CFD, aerodynamics


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