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Posts tagged with 'Capture Index'

23 Jun, 2010

John Wilson CFD is a powerful design tool when considering a data center cooling scheme. With CFD you can display contour plots of temperature, speed, and for the purists there is pressure.  I, perhaps naively, have always considered pressure to be a means to an end.  I can absolutely see the value of pressure in terms of “pressure drop” but for me to look at a contour plot of pressure at a room level and deduce … Read More

CFD, Data Center, Capture Index

23 Jan, 2010

Quantitavely Seeding the Flow

Posted by John Wilson

John Wilson I think that we can all agree that one feature of CFD over test is the ability to visualize where the flow is going.  It is quite easy in CFD analysis tools, at least in our tools, to seed the flow any where within the solution and follow particles upstream and/or downstream.  The limitation of this is that it is the results are qualitative.  CFD has the capability, without an extreme amount of extra … Read More

Flow Visualization, CFD, Concentration, Capture Index, FloVENT, Data Center


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