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Posts tagged with 'Consumer Electronics'

1 Apr, 2010

Living in a Wireless World

Posted by Nazita Saye

Nazita Saye I love gadgets but I hate cables – they make things so untidy. As a result, anything that can go wireless in our house has – even our light switches are on remote control. I used to think this was just plain silly when we were going through the retrofit until I realized I could turn off the kitchen lights from the comfort of our sofa. I’ve only used this “power” once but I tell you knowing that I can … Read More

Physical Prototype, CFD, Consumer Electronics, EMI shielding, Medical, Design Engineer, Thermal, Electromagnetic Interference

28 Sep, 2009

Exercising my DVR

Posted by John Wilson

John Wilson This last weekend my 5 year old daughter was watching a cake baking challenge on the family’s favorite channel, The Food Network.  It is the only channel that we have found that meets our basic parental criteria of providing entertainment without ever having to answer any questions related to bodily functions (or worse) that may be advertised during the breaks from good wholesome programming.   Allowing … Read More

Set Top Box, Consumer Electronics, Temperature Aware

8 Jul, 2009

Effusivity Smackdown or Standoff?

Posted by John Wilson

John Wilson One our our engineers attended the short course “Thermal Management from an Industrial Point of View” at SEMI-THERM 25 last March presented by Clemens Lasance and Wendy Luiten.    One of the topics that I found really interesting from the course material was that related to contact temperatures.  More specifically, the contact temperature for two semi-infinite bodies, one of them being you.  After reading … Read More

Consumer Electronics, Thermal Transient, Contact Temperature, Effusivity


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