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23 Feb, 2010

Boris Marovic Ok, last time I promised you to put a picture of me as Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama on here. Well here it is! What do you think? Now back to the PC model. In the post before the last one I said I will show you the Mainboard and its main features. As you can see I modelled the heat sink in pretty good detail. I did that to show you a little feature of FloEFD™V5 or better said in all of our FloEFD … Read More

FloEFD Project

13 Aug, 2009

Boris Marovic Hello again, Finally I was able to find some time for the project again. In the first part I showed you the CPU heat sink from Noctua and in this part I’ll show you how I gained the properties that I used for the simplified model of the heat sink. Instead of meshing the narrow space between the 36 metal sheets with a huge amount of cells in addition to the already lots of cells in the whole PC, I will … Read More

FloEFD Project

4 Jun, 2009

Boris Marovic I want to welcome you to my blog and as you can read in what my blog will be about, I’m going to do some projects. These projects will be about some things that I always wanted to do with FloEFD and of course if you have some interesting suggestions it will be also about some of your ideas. If there is a reader out there that is experienced in the field of my project I’ll be happy to hear any helpful … Read More

FloEFD Project


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