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14 Jul, 2010

Red Hot Electronic Thermal Analysis?

Posted by Robin Bornoff

Robin Bornoff The etymology of the phrase ‘red hot’ dates back to the 14th century describing the colour attained by metal as it is heated. When attributed to people it can euphemistically be used to describe passion and attractiveness. Any colourful picture output from a numerical thermal simulation of an electronics system will have red depicting hot and commonly blue to show cold. There are other colour map options … Read More

Electronics Cooling, CFD, FloViz, red hot

27 Jan, 2010

Robin Bornoff Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD, is a simulation technology that provides 3D predictions of fluid flow and heat transfer for a modelled system. Be it an electronics enclosure or a building, insights into the often complex air flow patterns can help designers better understand the physical behaviour of their design. Communication of such insights helps others to appreciate the sometimes painful design … Read More

FloVENT, Electronics Cooling, HVAC, FloViz, Free CFD Results Viewer

30 Nov, 2009

Nazita Saye I’ve already admitted my love of cheesy sci-fi movies. The thing that always amazed me was the fact that despite traveling thousands of light-years from Earth, the intrepid explorers were always able to communicate with all sorts of exotic looking aliens whom they’d never encountered before in what else but English!  Fantastic… if only real life was that easy. Sometimes briefing meetings remind me … Read More

Free, FloViz, Communicate, Electronics Cooling, CFD, FloTHERM.PCB, FloVENT, Engineer

12 May, 2009

Shortcut key to view objects in FloVIZ

Posted by Kelly Cordell-Morris

Kelly Cordell-Morris As promised a quick how-to on something I recently discovered. Yes it’s probably been there since Visual Editor was first released, and yes most people probably already know about it. But for those of us who are slower on the uptake: It is possible to use the “V” key in FloVIZ to quickly show an object that has been selected in Project Manager and is currently not shown in the FloVIZ window. Just select … Read More

FloVENT, FloViz, Shortcut Key



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