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Posts tagged with 'Grid'

4 Jun, 2010

Robin Bornoff Any simulation technology based on an approach of subdividing a 3D model into many tessellated control volumes (e.g. the finite volume method) will be affected by the shape and size of those ‘mesh cells’ or ‘grid’. How fine should the mesh be to resolve the physics of the model being simulated? Good question. I used to ask my art teacher how to draw curtains. You don’t have to be a comic to figure out … Read More

modelling, CFD, Model, Modeling, Grid, Mesh

12 Jan, 2010

Robin Bornoff The ability of FloTHERM to resolve a massive disparity in geometric length scale in a single model is for me its greatest strength. By not having to make simplifying assumptions to ignore either extremely small or truncate extremely large geometric parts and features, simulation accuracy can be better assured. The ‘die in a city’ model in the previous blog resolved a length scale of 1,000,000,000:1. … Read More

CFD, Grid, Mesh

28 May, 2009

Robin Bornoff So, all models are wrong, to some extent, due to various reasons. For electronic thermal simulation the main suspect is power as described in Part I. Weighing in at anything up to +/- 20% (on a good day) it is the main reason for model inaccuracy. Unlike power, the next in line is much more under your control as a CFD modeller. It is grid. Sometimes referred to a 'mesh', a grid is a subdivision of … Read More

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