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Posts tagged with 'Heat Transfer'

17 Jan, 2012

Is Pipe Insulation Effective?

Posted by Travis Mikjaniec

Travis Mikjaniec It’s that time of the year, when the weather turns cold and people start to think about winterizing their home to reduce heating costs.  Usually it takes the first winter heating bill to provide the motivation to undertake this task.  With this in mind, I would like to talk about pipe insulation.  Specifically, the foam wrap insulation you can find at any hardware store (   In … Read More

FloEFD, Heat Transfer, CFD, pipe, Home Improvement, insulation

23 Oct, 2009

No Substitutes, please!

Posted by Nazita Saye

Nazita Saye During a recent phone call with one of my favorite reporters, we talked about the difference between easy-to-use and dumbed-down software. We went on to talk about why easy to use CFD software doesn’t’ mean that it has been dumbed down — after all, easy to use software can still be very powerful. But ease-of-use has gotten a bad rap out there. Some people assume that because a software tool is easy … Read More

Design Engineer, Heat Transfer, CFD

23 Oct, 2009

Web slashes and missing polar ice

Posted by John Parry

John Parry I read in the news this last week that Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a Brit and the inventor of the World Wide Web, has confessed that the // in a web address were actually “unnecessary”… and it seems that polar ice will be gone in the summer, perhaps by as early as 2020, opening the arctic ocean to shipping. At the same time I’m writing this on my laptop, the fan’s just cut in. Hmmm… The Berners-Lee story … Read More

Optimisation, Heat Transfer, Power Consumption, CFD, Electronics Cooling, Carbon Footprint, World Wide Web, Global Warming, Green Design, Energy Efficiency, FloEFD



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