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Posts tagged with 'History of CFD'

17 Mar, 2010

Commercial CFD Starts Here ...

Posted by David Tatchell

David Tatchell The global commercial CFD industry can trace its origins to a small terraced shop in New Malden, a south-westerly suburb of London. It may sound like the birth of a retail empire, rather than a CAE business - but its pretty much true. Let me fill in some details.   While I was completing my PhD during 1971/2 (as in my earlier blogs “Beginning at the Beginning …”), two important things were happening … Read More

Commercial CFD Industry, History of CFD, CFD

8 Feb, 2010

"Sledgehammer CFD" - The Best Approach?

Posted by David Tatchell

David Tatchell Re-reading my last blog (Beginning at the Beginning …5 Parabolic or Elliptic, Or Somewhere In Between?) a slightly disturbing thought occurred to me. Does the distinction, highlighted in that blog, between parabolic, partially-parabolic, and elliptic solution methods have any real relevance to present day CFD? On consideration, the honest answer is - only to a very limited extent. In the 1970s when … Read More

CFD Ease of Use, History of CFD, CFD

2 Nov, 2009

David Tatchell In previous blogs in this series I have recounted my recollections of the first development of 3D CFD methods at Imperial College in the very early 1970s - and how, after a “false start” with the SIVA algorithm, I adopted Suhas Patankar’s SIMPLE algorithm (with a refinement of my own) for my PhD work.   As will have been apparent from the earlier blogs, the main focus of the 3D Boundary Layer Group, … Read More

Turbulence Modelling, History of CFD

21 Sep, 2009

David Tatchell I should add a word or two to my previous blog - “CFD … Or Not CFD”.   What does all this mean for the CFD itself? Does the self-perception at Flomerics that “we are not a CFD company” mean that the CFD itself is less important or gets less attention? Absolutely not! Actually the opposite is the case. One of our fundamental requirements has always been that the software can be used effectively by … Read More

History of CFD, Commercial CFD Industry

8 Sep, 2009

CFD ... Or Not CFD?

Posted by David Tatchell

David Tatchell I started off this series of blogs by claiming “40 years in CFD” - which is true. It’s therefore a little ironic that when we were setting up Flomerics 20 years or so ago, we made a point of emphasising to ourselves that “we are not a CFD company” - to the extent that, some years later, when we were included in industry rankings of CFD companies, we weren’t sure whether to be pleased at a favourable … Read More

History of CFD, Commercial CFD Industry

21 Aug, 2009

David Tatchell In my last blog I explained how Suhas Patankar created the SIMPLE algorithm in 1970, and how the 3D Boundary Layer Group at Imperial College then adopted SIMPLE for all its future work.   I first applied SIMPLE to the problem that I had been working on with the SIVA method - laminar flow in the inlet region of a rectangular- (mainly square-) sectioned duct. This led me to identify some deficiencies … Read More

History of CFD, CFD

13 Aug, 2009

Beginning at the Beginning ... 2

Posted by David Tatchell

David Tatchell In the first blog in this series I described how the research group at Imperial College, under Professor Spalding, on computational methods for 3D parabolic boundary-layer flows (the “3D Boundary Layer Group”) got started, with me as a relatively junior member. I described how I (re)discovered the need to use a staggered grid when solving for the primitive variables, (pressure and velocities) - and … Read More

History of CFD, CFD

29 Jul, 2009

Beginning at the Beginning ... 1

Posted by David Tatchell

David Tatchell In my first blog I promised reflections based on my 40 years in CFD. How best to start? What was the advice that the King of Hearts gave to the White Rabbit? – “Begin at the beginning, go on to the end, and then stop.” While not specifically intended in the context of blogs – it seems like good advice to me. So – starting at the beginning … I must confess that I got into fluid dynamics rather by accident. … Read More

History of CFD, CFD


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