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Posts tagged with 'Thermal Design'

22 Jun, 2009

Robin Bornoff “A picture paints a thousand words”. Probably not as quickly though. Wouldn’t the world be a different place if we had evolved the ability to communicate via richly contented drawings? Likely we’d have more fingers, smaller ears and would war less due to less frequent commnunication misunderstandings. FloTHERM’s CFD simulation technology creates a wealth of data that reflects what happens in and around … Read More

Thermal Design, Thermal Testing, Electronics Cooling, FloVENT

4 Jun, 2009

Boris Marovic I want to welcome you to my blog and as you can read in what my blog will be about, I’m going to do some projects. These projects will be about some things that I always wanted to do with FloEFD and of course if you have some interesting suggestions it will be also about some of your ideas. If there is a reader out there that is experienced in the field of my project I’ll be happy to hear any helpful … Read More

Thermal Design, FloEFD, Electronics Cooling, FloEFD Project

1 Jun, 2009

Thermal Design Stages-Phase 2

Posted by John Wilson

John Wilson About a week ago I wrote the first part of a four part series on how I believe that Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) accelerates thermal design from the “Need” to “Acceptance”, which can be found here.  This second part focuses on the Computer Analysis portion of the process. I’d like to think that I am not remotely experienced enough to know first hand when desktop computers really changed the … Read More

Thermal Design, FloEFD, Electronics Cooling, Delphi, Design of Experiments

21 May, 2009

Thermal Design Stages-Phase 1

Posted by John Wilson

John Wilson Recently I was thinking about how Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) accelerates all phases of Thermal Design.  I’m sure it is debatable but here is what I came up with for the phases of Thermal Design .  The arrows could be looped over and back and round and round but I think the flow is reasonable. The basic 4 step design process that leads to the desired Design Approval depicted is: Design … Read More

Electronics Cooling, Thermal Design, CFD, Thermal Testing



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