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Posts tagged with 'Thermal Resistance'

4 Mar, 2010

Robin Bornoff Electronics cooling involves ensuring that IC package temperatures do not exceed maximum rated values. If they do the probability of thermo-mechanical related failure increases dramatically. The accuracy of any electronics thermal simulation will be determined by how well the IC package is represented in the solution. These are simple and evident truths. As the leading supplier of electronic thermal … Read More

FloTHERM IC, IC Package, Electronics Cooling, Thermal Resistance

12 Oct, 2009

Robin Bornoff Lumped block package representation makes the best use of limited available data to simulate for an ‘indication’ of case temperature. Some indication is better than none but I wouldn’t bet on it, really, I wouldn’t. Accurate case and junction temperature prediction can only be realised with either a fully 3D detailed representation or an abstracted CTM (compact thermal model) representation. Here we’ll … Read More

Thermal Resistor, CTM, Electronics Cooling, Component, SPICE, Thermal Resistance, IBIS

19 Aug, 2009

Thermatrons Must Leave

Posted by Robin Bornoff

Robin Bornoff Talk to a mathematician about thermodynamics and heat transfer and before long they’ll be showing you lots of weird symbols in a rather condensed vector notation.  Talk to a physicist and  such concepts of electron spin states will lead the discussion. Talk to a mechanical engineer and likely analogies will be used that take a well known system or process and apply that to the concept of heat flow.  … Read More

Power Dissipation, Electronics Cooling, Thermal Resistance



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